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Every now and then you find a gem of a company that delivers exceptional product that you also really enjoy working with. 2nd Story Wood is an eco-friendly company that specializes in handcrafting furniture out of old wood. I discovered 2nd Story Wood when I was sourcing furniture and antiques for the New Balance Boston flagship store.  I was originally drawn to the blend of heritage and modern appeal in their Landmark Bench made from wood from a North Carolina factory. There is strong heritage in the decades old wood that they use, making each piece a unique story. Because craft is so important to New Balance – proudly manufacturing footwear in the US – the opportunity to work with a small family shop was a natural fit. Images 2nd Story Wood.

I love this short video about 2nd Story’s process

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Click below for additional pictures and my interview with Scott Miller

The Landmark Bench (this is what sold me!)

1. Tell us a little about your creative process. 

Our creative process combines the ideas of our customers with concepts we feel would work best with their design.  There’s also a commitment to the wood’s history — we are preserving heritage in every piece we make, and we make sure our customers understand the different options when choosing the wood, finish, and final use.  We create pieces that exhibit great design, but it’s crucial that we deliver practical working pieces, too. We don’t take short cuts – our pieces are crafted outside of the box, with wood that’s locally and ethically sourced because we feel a strong commitment both to design that’s freshly original and eco-minded.

2. What is a typical “work” day like?

My father is the craftsman. A typical “work” day for him is working out in the garage on either metal work or switching over to wood working.  He will build a large table or might even be working on one of our pour over coffee stands for a customer.  He loves the work. I mostly work with customers to make sure their design needs and wants are met.

3. What inspired you to start your business?

Our business started because my wife and I wanted a unique dining room table that we could hold onto forever.  It was also important to us that we knew where it came from and how it was made. We had seen different types of tables made from reclaimed materials, and it inspired me to ask my father for help.  There was some great wood from an old, torn down bungalow in our neighborhood.  We wanted a sleek and modern feel, so we choose an industrial design that would pay homage to the neighborhood’s past.  My father, who was a welder in the Army, fabricated the legs from raw steel tubing. The final product was an incredible table everyone fell in love with.  The rest is, as they say, history. But we’re still writing…

4. How did your favorite products come to be?

My favorite product is our Landmark benches.  They are made from large floor boards from an old mill in Charlotte, NC.  I just love that there are so many options for their use and the meaning in them is so rich with story.  When you sit on one you can just imagine the amount of work boots that have stepped on this solid wood beam — these are pieces of wood that have withstood over a hundred years of use, and yet they are still solid and beautiful today.

5. Tell us about your relationship with your consumers. What kind of feedback do they share with you?

Our customers are people who really respect the amount of time and energy that goes into our pieces and they want both quality and meaning in the pieces of furniture that they buy. I think this is why they respond so well to what we send them.  We literally have not gotten one complaint about the quality of items we send our customers.

Thanks Scott (and Dad!)

Ps. check out 2nd Story’s new logo, designed by Matthew Plett. Scott made sure it was hand drawn since working with their hands is a core value!



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