Closet Faceouts + Advertising Hangers

Closets are always a challenge in antique homes. My closet was carved out of a tiny room (my office!) upstairs, and while 8 1/2′ wide, my closet is only 33″ deep. There used to be a hanging bar inside but by the time you added clothes there wasn’t room to navigate. My solve? My favorite closet solution – retail faceouts. Coming from a background in retail design I added faceouts to my closet five years ago and I don’t think I could ever go back to a traditional bar. Next time you go shopping pay attention to how retailers display their apparel. Typically, the more prominent feature apparel will be “faced out” in presentation with the secondary presentations on bars. Having faceouts in my closet allows me to see and feature my favorite items.

And my second favorite closet solution… Earlier this summer I switched out all of my white plastic hangers for vintage wood advertising and hotel hangers. Vintage hangers can range from $1 – $5/each so I backfilled a few of my faceouts with new wooden hangers. When I bring vintage hangers home I give them a gentle scrub in the tub with a mild detergent and place them outside to dry. Hangers purchased from sevenbc via Etsy. See similar on Etsy and Ebay. Faceouts from Store Supply Warehouse. Note: I have four rows of 5′ single slot standards and eight 12″ faceouts. Paint: Benjamin Moore Aura Mountainview 583. Photos Design Marchand

See more pictures of my closet and hangers below and a recap of my closet illustration cubbies here

Vintage fabric clutch One Swell Gal

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Patricia Sims September 5, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Thank you so much for including links to our store on your blog. Faceouts are a wonderful way to maximize space and we are glad you chose our company to purchase them from. Excellent job! Sincerely,

Miss Trish
Social Media for Store Supply Warehouse


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