Wrapping Paper Finds

I love choosing wrapping paper almost as much as I love finding just the right gift. Below are a few great examples of hand made and small batch wrapping papers. Pair them with just the right ribbon (I love Ribbon Jar) and your presentation will be as exceptional as your gift.

1. screen printed under water wrapping paper, EmilyParkerDesign via Etsy 2. black milles fleur gift wrap, Banquet Atelier & Workshop, 3. screenprinted paper blocks – Mulberry, Katy Goutefangea via Etsy, 4. spring bouquet wrapping paper, Banquet Atelier & Workshop, 5. eloise renouf birds, Betty & Dupree, 6. leah duncan spring, Betty & Dupree, 7. screenprinted tumbling turquoise paper, Katy Goutefangea via Etsy, 8. screen printed birds wrapping paper, EmilyParkerDesign via Etsy 9. fuschia field gift wrap, maydaystudio via Etsy 10. forest wrapping paper, ennashop via Etsy, 11. leah duncan triangles, Betty & Dupree 12. dachshund gift wrap sheets, artycharlie via Etsy

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Caroline September 20, 2012 at 7:42 pm

Hi I also love choosing wrapping paper and recently found the website http://www.domandgeri.com who do great personalised wrapping paper and have what looks like 1000’s of designs. I bought several pieces of personalised wrapping paper for my daughter’s birthday and one even had a photo upload on it. I received next day (even though I only paid for first class post) and my daughter loved it! Thought I would pass it on as it’s well worth a look! I could even buy a matching personalised card which is something I’ve never seen before!


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