Playhouse Remodel

After spotting a used playhouse for sale in my local Mother’s Club classifieds I casually asked my husband if he’d be interested in taking a look. Lucky for us, he was a good sport, and we soon had another project on our hands.

After a small trailer incident (that connector pin is important!) we brought the house home and I started to think about sprucing it up. Click below for additional pictures from our playhouse remodel.

We painted it white with green trim to match out house and added some small shrubs for the flower boxes.

In the winter we added outdoor lights along the roof and inside – this practically made the kids whole world!

 The little playhouse glowing in our recent February blizzard – the snow was just starting to come down. I’m still thinking of adding corbels by the door if I can find a small vintage pair.


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Emily Wignall April 13, 2013 at 9:15 pm

just stumbled on your blog. and then started reading and reading. this is the coziest playhouse i’ve ever seen. such a great job fixing it up!


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