Dining Room Chair Update

It took me a while to wrap my head around having a concrete table in our 18th Century house. I really started to appreciate having a workhouse table with the kids. A couple of toddlers can extinguish even the strongest desire for a new dining table. For art projects, banging spoons, sticky fingers, smashed peas. So I’ve moved on to thinking about the dining room chairs.

My parents had a Mid-Century modern dining room set with leather chairs and there is something to be said for a comfortable dining chair. I’m currently looking for a vintage set to upholster, either in indoor/outdoor fabric (for practical reasons with the kids) or a combination of fabric and “engineered leather” or nylon fiber matrix (majilite is a great source). Photo Design Marchand

A few of the fabrics and chairs I am looking at:

Top: mid century teak dining chairs, MidCenturyMobler via Etsy, 1. erin flett croquet outdoor fabric, Al Fresco, 2. albert, Sister Parish Design, 3. stardust navy on white, Victoria Larson Textiles, Bottom: v-legged mid century danish teak dining chairs, MidCenturyMobler via Etsy, 4. tucker, Sister Parish Design, 5. pomegranate in currant, Galbraith & Paul Textiles, 6. peacock, Victoria Larson Textiles

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