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I’m here because of my girlfriends. They remind me that not everyone crawls through questionable barns and spends countless hours sleuthing, scouring and road tripping – all in the name of a good design find. But we all have a desire to surround ourselves and our homes with things that mean something to us, things that have stories, finds with serious design chops! Design Marchand is a blog focused on trading design inspiration, including unusual and unexpected one-of-a-kind vintage finds – as well as, connecting with small artisans and crafts vendors that represent quality, intrigue and amazing design aesthetics.

Because good design is collaborative this blog is also all about you! See the Exchange portion of the blog where you can post design questions, “searching for” requests, and “respond to” queries from others in the Design Marchand community.



I love “finding” things. I’ve been questioning, designing and dreaming my whole life.

Tales from the Beginning:

  • As a young child I sold pine branches under the guise of brooms to neighbors…this evolved into a full-fledged Tootsie Pop sales operation between classes in Middle school
  • I did numerous home improvement projects to my parents’ house while growing up – most were not pre-approved (sorry Mom!) including tiling the basement and pulling up the wall to wall carpet in the living room
  • I built my first table when I was 15 – which involved blowtorching Campbell’s Tomato soup cans together for the legs. This was also a science experiment as I learned I had to empty the soup to get the cans hot enough for the metal to liquefy (thanks for the blowtorch help Mr. Thompson!)
  • I taught myself for my Junior and Senior year of high school and had the most amazing experience living and working on a dairy farm with dear friends in Upstate, New York. Sue not only taught me how to make seven apple pies at once but also changed my life by introducing me to the wonderful world of antiques at the Bouckville antique show


  • Cornell University, BS Communications
  • Parsons School of Design, AS Interior Design
  • Boston Architectural College, Graduate Certificate Sustainable Design
  • Cornell University, MBA
  • New Balance Athletics, Global Retail Design Manager


Editorial Calendar (Rotating)

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Start Trading Design Inspiration! Design Marchand accepts product submissions, primarily for vintage finds, as well as products from small artisans and crafts vendors – for furniture, accessories and art. Thank you for sharing!


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