The start of school still feels like summer (In the Northeast) but now that the leaves are down and the daylight starts to fade in late afternoon it officially feels like we are heading into winter. Grab your scarf as you head out to the bus stop and cozy up to old style school supplies.  Photo: Darian Work via PhotoBucket […]

Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well being. – Albert Hadley  Albert Hadley, a beloved leader in American design and decorating passed away in March at age 91.  He was a fixture in the New York design community for over seven decades and was well known for his thirty […]

Source: via Kirsten on Pinterest 1. 1970s Swiss Jazz Festival Don Pullen Concert Poster, VandM, 2. Striped Taper Candles, Leif Shop, 3. Straight Twill Yellow Blanket, Fine Little Day, 4. Bearded Print, depeapa via Etsy, 5. Faribault Woolen Mills Revival Stripe Throw Blanket, threepotatofour, 6. Yellow Stripe Pillow, Reusicle via Etsy, 7. White and […]

One of my favorite things about going to the Farmer’s Market is connecting with producers. There is a sweetness is knowing a product or a food story that allows you to enjoy it all the more.  Photo Design Marchand Fabulous finds from US Farmer’s Markets… 1. full pack basket, Swamp Road Baskets, 2. handmade candy bar, […]

1. Orange Mexican weaving pillows, East Meets West Antiques via 1st Dibs, 2. Mexican painted pine blanket chest, CasaBauhaus via 1st Dibs, 3. Origami birds, birdtoldme by Britta Manger via Etsy, 4. Triangle potholders (mint and rose), Ferm Living Shop, 5. Vintage Chimayo weaving, Early California Antiques via VandM 6. Suede envelope bag, Coriumi via Etsy 7. Mexican deerskin Butaque, CasaBauhaus via 1st Dibs, 8. Ten cacti […]

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